The Smokin' 45s

Rock and Blues Revue

Formed out of veterans of the Detroit music scene, the Smokin' 45s are bringing fans their special blend of Rock and Blues. Their live show takes the music up a notch, making for a night of lively entertainment including songs from artists like Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Little Charlie and the Nightcats as well as their own music which stands tall next to that of their well-established influences. There's no room in these sets for long, drawn-out, self-indulgent solos. These sets are packed with heart-pumping, foot-stomping rock and blues with a distinctive Detroit drive.

The Smokin' 45s first came together in 2000 when they debuted as The Legendary Stone Drunk Rock and Blues revue. Their first show consisted of a short opening set, but certainly showed the promise that this combo had in store. Over the next few months, they continued working on writing original material and finding tasty covers that well suited the sound they had assembled. The results were clear - this was the genesis of something that was moving forward.

As the band's material developed, the moniker Stone Drunk Rock and Blues Revue didn't fit the band adequately. The band considered several alternates and decided the name The Smokin' 45s portrayed their hard driving, deliberate approach to playing rocking blues music. They began working on changing the name and debuted with their new designate.

They began recording at Stony Creek Studios in Rochester, Michigan in late 2002 with Jeff LaDuke at the dials. Twelve songs later, the band had tracks for a CD. They released their debut CD "Anywhere But Here..." in 2003. Distributing the release themselves on , they've been able to reach listeners in France, Belgium, England, Holland, Norway, Argentina, Poland as well as fans across the US and Canada.

In 2004, The Smokin' 45s began booking shows more regularly and playing shows that got them more attention. With invitations to the several key festival shows in the Southeast Michigan area added to the roster of bar gigs, things started moving ahead for them. Their momentum kept moving into 2005 and beyond - more festivals, more bar gigs, more parties, more songs.

The band had been writing material since their initial release and once 2010 rolled around, the band started working on a new CD in the summer and fall months between their roster of shows. Then in late 2010/early 2011, they were back at Stony Creek Studios commencing work on their new release, "Trouble Again".

Great music - tight, lively shows. These guys are determined to separate themselves from the sea of also-rans and has-beens. Pick up a CD or go check 'em out and see for yourself.

Paul Hoffman
lead vocals and harmonica

Ken Christie
bass and vocals

Dave Remkus
guitar and vocals

Dale Morgan
guitar and vocals

Jerry Bazil
drums and percussion